Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Expression in a Recession

Modus Operandi: Provide yet another example of how fast and dirty (not that kind of dirty) videos posted on Youtube help build community - yah, like that hasn't been hammered in. Fun and free expression during the recession.

Inspiration: The Blair Witch Project meets Sesame Street meets John Carpenter meets bored-twenty-somethings meets Carl Orff's O Fortuna meets Galiano Island meets The Weekly Gumboot meets bored-with-nothing-else-to-do.

Cool Factoid: Did you know that the Latin root for the word inspiration is inspirare? It means "to breath in."

Motto: Breath in, let roll.

You can also watch the video on Youtube -


Kurt Heinrich said...

great video theo!

John Horn said...

While I'm disappointed that I die at the hands of the Monster from Galiano, I'm happy that it happened in such an artistic way.


Kurt Heinrich said...

John... you might not have died after all. All we see is Godfrey die at the end if memory serves. Perhaps you got away in the end, leaving all your friends to be eaten alive by the monster.

godfrey said...

Juan is the only one who survives and thereby hangs the tale...

Awesome video. Can't wait to help make another one.

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