Monday, July 20, 2009

the evil banana

some of you may have heard of my ongoing war against the humble banana. if a harangue from me has not convinced you, maybe this will. (full credit to for this excellent munitions package!)

1. Bananas

We eat them every day, and their carbon footprint is huge. This fruit originated in Asia but is now raised in the tropics across the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Brazil is the leading banana producer, followed by Uganda, India, and the Philippines. Latin American countries supply more than 90 percent of the bananas eaten in North America.

Take into account that getting a single banana to your table uses about 8 pounds of carbon for a four ounce serving or .13 % of your year's allowance, according to Eat Low Carbon Diet. If you eat a banana every day for a year that would equal nearly 49% of your goal average. In the event that you can't fight off your banana craving, try buying an organic variety. Then you can at least ensure that your bananas weren't treated with tons of chemicals and pesticides, which can destroy the stunning tropical eco-systems from which they come. If you eat one every other day, a day or two or week, or sparingly you an see how much you can drop your carbon footprint, just by changing your banana habits!

finally --- and importantly; you CAN eat bananas in canada if you grow them yourself. case in point --- alison and my efforts below. and always remember high carbon = low community; more bananas = less farmer's markets = communal sin

a cursory search of the thoughtsphere turns up; curiously little to do with the cursed fruit, but i rather enjoy the white button

= )


Anonymous said...

In Argentina, a great dish to try is steak and bananas. It is pretty simple. Take a steak. Take a banana. Press them together. Delicious! And it all arrives locally.

Vancouver travelers to this country should eat as many bananas as possible before returning. Because, wow, that's a lot of carbon, amigos.

Great el poste, Stewart. Good luck with the banana.

Kind regards,


Kurt Heinrich said...

I don't like bananas for a different reason - because they are sticky and yellowy brown.

good thoughts stew. Are you hopeful your banana tree will be able to reach its full potential in sorta-sunny Victoria?

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