Thursday, May 7, 2009

From the Kenyan Bureau - "The Seven Day Sex Boycott"

It is my pleasure to introduce Martin Muli, The Weekly Gumboot's Kenyan Correspondent. That's right, folks. The Weekly Gumboot has a correspondent. From Kenya. "Our man in Nairobi," as we call him. Because, dear readers, this community-based twitblog of ours embraces ideas from everywhere. Even Kenya. Nay. Especially Kenya. I first met Mr. Muli in the halls of Simon Fraser University and, through a series of adventures that have taken us from the raging rivers of Merville, BC to the "night clubs" of Victoria, we've become dear friends. This modest publication is lucky to have him. What comes below is his story. Well, one of them. As with anyone who supports gumboot clad pirate communities in nature, he's got a few...


Kenyan men were trouble and starved for seven good days. Some called it “The great sex fast” while others believed it was deprivation of conjugal rights. Others branded it “the bedroom coup”.

A group of not so popular Kenyan women calling themselves the G10 urged all Kenyan women to join in a sex boycott to force Kenyan political leaders to agree to better ways of running the coalition government. This desperate yet courageous political tool was unleashed after the two squabbling sides of the Kenyan coalition government degenerated and threatened to collapse the coalition.

What started as a big joke soon evolved into an interesting debate with some supporting the ‘sex fast’ while others threatening to curse the G10. One renowned Kenyan political commentator, Mutahi Nguyi, believes that national ‘sex activities’ went up during the boycott. He concluded that the G10 coalition of women used reverse psychology on Kenyans. This is, according to Nguyi, because studies show that men think about sex 12 times per hour and that sexual preoccupation wanes if he is idle, but it explodes if he is challenged sexually. (Editor's note: fantastic use of "findings," Martin, but we need to roll out some North American data; you see, men here think about sex nearly 4,899,566 times per minute...but a lot of that has to do with Janet Jackson and the's a long story). Capitalizing on this male weakness, the G10 women simply outwitted everyone.

However, many Kenyans were against the move G10 terming them “bedroom intruders’. Lengthy discussions were overhead on almost all radio stations with people voicing their reaction to the perceived anti-men movement. Men movements (Maendeleo ya wanaume) was completely against the G10, accusing women of using their feminine strength to abuse men’s rights. However, it was booming business for harlots along the famous Koinange street since they served as refuge for the starving men.

I was privileged to meet Tabitha Njoroge, one of the G10 member. The focused, single young lady is the executive Director of WILDAF Kenya ( Women in Law development in Africa). She was fresh from a progress evaluation meeting and she frankly revealed that the G10 mission was achieved! The focus was not to starve men as many thought. The G10 had found a great tool to make everyone talk about thorny issues threatening to tear the country apart. Young and old, women and men, men of collar, radio stations, newspapers and social networking tools were all engaged in the debate. That forced the two principals leading both sides of the coalition government to a meeting that has cooled down the political temperatures in Kenya.

The organizers of the sex boycott have announced a 90-day follow up campaign to monitor the progress of Kenya's leaders in implementing reforms, including a revision of the constitution and improvements to the judicial system.

‘Stupid’ and ‘crazy’ ideas are great tools necessary for change.

- Martin Muli


Theodora Lamb said...

Here's to "stupid" and "crazy" ideas - I love it!

Not to mention ideas that are roughly 2,500 years old - like *Lysistrata! Aristophanes is applauding right now!


Kurt Heinrich said...

Do a lot of Kenyans really believe that having sex with a woman a male human right?

that's my question of the day...