Monday, May 25, 2009

"Ask me about my University"

So, Bishop's University's Principal, Michael Goldbloom, has asked alumni from the school to engage people in "a purple conversation." Here's a bit of a snapshot into the purple conversation (click on the link) we could have, you know, if you leave some comments and ask questions (ie. "John, it's hard to understand what you're saying because there's street noise and you talk too fast. What the hell are you saying?"). Thanks for your time. And raise a toast to Bishop's University!



Kurt Heinrich said...

good job john. But the real question is what does Bishop's have to do with pirates and/or ninjas?

John Horn said...

Pirates and Ninjas agree: Bishop's is the right choice for post-secondary education.

Recent findings show that, while these professionals typically go on to complete Masters of Piracy and/or Certificates in "Escaping" or "Shadowyness" or "Swordplay" or "Fashion, Style & Design", Pirates and Ninjas strongly benefit from a diverse and comprehensive Liberal Arts experience. Just like the one people get at Bishop's University.

Of course, a solid high school, CEGEP or "period on a pirate ship" is a prerequisite for enrollment. Learners have to be able to pay as well. Typically, pirates and ninjas have put themselves through BU by pillaging and thieving from their classmates. Nobody wants a ninja as their bogmate, but, hey, it happens...

Christopher Vincent said...

Well said John.

I thought that the pullouts in the mag were an excellent idea and a phone call to Jill is on my list for Thursday morning.

I would have to say that it is the people you meet and continue to meet; all sharing that common bond that is Bishop's University.

Keep up the good work.

Stewart Burgess said...

Q: Why do bishops grads have to wear sunglasses and hats when recording publicly available footage?

A:Because they are mostly bank robbers that are afraid to be recognized by america's most wanted.

Q:Why do carleton humanities grads post on the daily gumboot at 3pm on a friday?

A:Because they were not resourceful enough to rob banks when they were unemployed 'b.hums' and hence have plenty of time of write on blogs. And really, about all they know how to do is write anyways...