Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our community just got Sexier!

And our community got greener while it got sexier, too! It happened on Wednesday, March 18 at Pane Vero Cafe & Bakery on The Drive. And it happened because the team at Climate Cafes got together with two amazing presenters, Carolyn and Jes, to have an interesting, entertaining, informative, interactive, and, well, amazing conversation about environmentally friendly sex.

Like I said. Amazing.

About 25 of us huddled at the front of the coffee shop to hear Carolyn and Jes share intimate details on the big picture of sex as it relates to the health of our planet's population, the environmental impact (from "birth to death") of contraceptives like condoms and IUDs, how to properly use and dispose of these contraceptives, suggestions on sexily saving energy, and, most importantly, creative ways to turn household items into sex toys! After all, reducing consumption by reusing what we already have (think of really, really fun new ways to conceptualize and use ping pong paddles or a wooden spatula!) is a great way to be sexy non-consumers.

And then there was the part where the audience learned about shaving a cucumber down to a "personally appropriate size" and using it for pleasure. Honestly, the evening was totally about building community and sharing knowledge, but this was one moment that saw one very confused patron - who showed up halfway through the discussion - furrow her brow, turn on her heel and head back outside. Fair enough. Using vegetables in the bedroom, I suppose, isn't for everybody.

Climate Cafes is about bringing environmentally-savvy people together to discuss climate change issues and brainstorm (or learn about) "next steps" that can be taken to demonstrate basic, every day applications that will affect the planet in a positive way. Here are some ideas and strategies that you, the sexual consumer, might want to think about as you prepare to make romantic moves in the future:

There's a lotta people here: can Mother Earth support and sustain so many people? Probably not. Definitely not at the rate we're going. So, we learned about the myriad of birth control and safer-sex options out there. Check out the Climate Cafes website or Options for Sexual Health for more details. Green or not, when it comes to sex, keep it classy, safe and know your options.
Products "from birth to death": what environmental impact do condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms, dildos, whips, vibes, lubes, and/or sexy panties have on the planet? From production to disposal, what do you need to know about items on the above list? For example, recent findings show that there is actually more fish-population-affecting estrogen in a pesticide like DDT than there is in a birth control pills. Also, think about buying lingerie or toys that are organic and locally made. Climate Cafe-er, Emily Jubenville, has some cool ideas on where to look and what to look for.
Intimately Environmentally Sexy: saving energy and making things hot at the same time couldn't be simpler. Share a steamy shower with your partner and save some water, or turn out the lights and light some candles to make things sexy and energy efficient (just don't get caught up in the passion and burn the house down).

Oh man, and I almost forgot. We learned that menstrual blood can be used as fertilizer for house plants and that there is a depot in Vancouver where you can recycle your sex toys. Like I said...amazing!

So, Gumbooters, stay sexy. Check out the details at And, most importantly, have fun with it!


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