Friday, March 13, 2009

Hockey Community Faces a Strike

This evening will be an interesting one. The seamless "community" of sports fans, hockey players, managers, and GM vendors has been shattered by the breakdown of negotiations between unionized GM workers and the arena. Despite this, the games must go on - and they will.

When fans arrive tonight, they will likely see several hundred (of the seven hundred) unionized workers picketing outside the game between the Canucks and the LA Kings.

Will they be blocking the gates and effecting the overall hockey community? Will you have to cross a picket line to get to your seats? Apparently not.

According to UNITE HERE Local 40 organizers, workers want people to enjoy the game, just not enjoy any of the overpriced drinks and food they normally shovel in during a match.

Hit Aramark Management (the concession oweners) in the pocket book but not the fans. The BC Fed will even be passing out peanuts to symbolize the wages these workers get relative to other "workers" in the arena. That's the way to demand a better cut and martial a strike to make a point without any collateral damage on citizens.

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