Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food Sharing and Potlucks: Interactive Approach

I've been pondering getting one of these started. I love to cook and eat. However, one of the things I've discovered is that as I get older, I'm increasingly locked into a certain style of cooking. I cook rich predominately French, Italian, Yankee homestyle with a some Japanese and Thai recipes thrown in for good order.

However, there are many other culinary styles that I've rarely experimented with, and many beyond these that I probably have never even considered/been conscience of. I'd like to poll the gumboot community as to what types of foods they prepare. To take the poll - just head to the poll to the right of this post on the sidebar.

I'd also be interested in getting everyone's thoughts regarding food sharing programs and whether a) they exist in the city AND b) you think they're a good idea.

And for those of you who'll read this post and not poll I say: common it just takes a minute...


John Horn said...

Good stuff, Kurt. Your survey was a little incomprehensible. And I don't know if any of the food I actually eat was represented on the list. Fusion is, like, eating a physics assignment, right? Perhaps a smaller survey next time, my man.

And, now that it's closed, what are the conclusions you've drawn from your findings?

Mike Boronowski said...

I'm sad I missed the survey.

I've been striving to broaden my cookery lately, doing a lot more southasian and chinese foods and a lot less italian.